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About Us

As we enter our 23rd year of operation, we reflect on the countless seasons that were filled with laughter, endless fun and unforgettable memories. Our camp has become a cherished institution, dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 2 to 14 years. 

At Kuwait Camp, our time-tested commitment to fostering personal growth, building lasting friendships, and instilling a sense of community is what sets us apart. It’s about inspiring children and contributing to their cognitive and physical development through diversified recreational and entertaining activities in a fun-filled yet safe environment.

Our program is designed to let kids learn to enjoy time with others as well as practice self-reliance, leadership-skills-building and social interaction under the supervision of professional, well-trained Kuwait Camp staff.

KCamper's Code of Ethics


At KCamp, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding summer camp experience, for both children and teenagers. To accomplish this goal, campers are expected to behave appropriately to promote a fun and healthy environment through productive participation.


We ask that all KCampers and parents/guardians read this code together before arriving at camp.

  • Child Safety:  we prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of all KCampers, ensuring a safe and secure environment is maintained by everyone at all times.
  • Inclusivity: we foster an inclusive atmosphere, where everyone is respected and welcomed.
  • Professional Conduct: we uphold high standards of professionalism, treating everyone with respect, kindness and fairness.
  • Confidentiality: we ensure the confidentiality and privacy of KCampers and staff; by maintaining confidentiality at all times regarding personal information within the camp community.
  • Anti-bullying: we have zero tolerance and actively address any form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination, promoting a culture of kindness and understanding.
  • Communication: we ensure open communication channels are maintained at all times with KCampers, staff and parents; keeping them informed about camp activities, policies, and any relevant updates.
    Supervision: we ensure and maintain supervision at all times to minimize risks and provide a secure environment for KCampers.

Health and Wellness: we prioritize the health and well-being of KCampers by always promoting physical activity, a balanced diet, and proper medical care when needed.


Conflict Resolution: we have established fair and effective conflict resolution processes, teaching KCampers valuable interpersonal skills and problem-solving strategies if any issues arise.


Compliance: we adhere to all relevant laws and regulations governed under the state of Kuwait.